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IT Solutions
Solutions on Demand

We have been providing management information system development, maintenance and enhancement services since we were founded. To complement the work of our other practices upstream, the Applications and Solutions practice focuses on the development aspect while being careful to tailor our methods and tools to the context of each client.
Our consultants have the know-how and people skills needed to develop and integrate your management systems by becoming valued members of your teams. Our services can be delivered on or off your premises depending on your needs and constraints, and we have set up a onestop service to help you conduct your projects.
Systematix offers you a one-stop shop specializing in:

  • Application Solutions
  • Shared Services Solutions
  • Virtualization for Cloud Enablement
  • Managed Services for Hand Free Operation
Our premise for achieving your goals: rely on key users to accurately define your needs, conceive a well-structured system and produce quality deliverables.
We have formed alliances with businesses highly specialized in areas such as mobility, geographic information systems and real time systems.
We have an extensive track record integrating commercial solutions. For us, the key to success on such projects resides in the close management of and constant communication between multidisciplinary teams made up of representatives from all concerned business lines and solution providers.
We have formed business partnerships with software publishers and commercial solution vendors so we can deliver one-stop service to our clients.
Our innovative, supportive development services, tools, methods and procedures create substantial value, measurable benefits and veritable unique competitive contributions and are oriented around the business and technology challenges facing our clients.
The Develop and Integrate fields generally use more traditional methodologies, processes and tools.
Systematix innovates with solutions that respect a specific methodology framework and use market proven products. We provide a set of integrated tools for delivering concrete, quality results to the user faster.