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Taking aim Systematix has been involved in the IT sector for more than 30 years. The stability of our management team and the addition of highly experienced professionals have shaped our solid team of consultants, who have extensive strategic knowledge, a high level comprehensive view of applicable laws and policies, an ability to understand an organization’s values and a constant concern for proposing options that really work. Our professionals can make the recommendations most suited to helping you achieve your business objectives.
 Our areas of focus
Governance and coachingGovernance and coaching
  • Mission
  • Strategic choices and directions
  • Strategic planning
  • Management framework
Enterprise architectureEnterprise architecture
  • Convergence and relevance of operations
  • Solution integration
  • Requirement development
Opportunity and preliminary analysesOpportunity and preliminary analyses
  • Solution scenarios and schedules
  • Cost estimates
Business plans and implementationBusiness plans and implementation
  • Organizational impacts
  • Financial impacts
  • System impacts
  • Human impacts
  • Risk assessment
  • Change management