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ERP Human Resource Systems
Specialists in Government of Canada HRMS

Systematix has been providing end-to-end services for most every version of PeopleSoft within the Canadian Federal Government (GC) since 2000, ranging from version 7.0 to the newest/current version 9.1 including functionality such as GC Pay Interface and ePay Card.
Based on our experience with both PeopleSoft and SAP HRMS, we have applied our technical proficiency and business competence to gain a deep understanding of our GC clients’ departmental and government-wide systems and needs.
This means we are in an excellent position to support and enable the government’s HRMS Standard Configuration Vision that will reduce complexity by promoting greater adherence to standards and enabling simplified data exchange – all of which will help achieve maintenance and development economies of scale.

Proven GC HRMS Professionals

Repeat clients and loyal consultants happen for a reason. Whether it is to assess, design, implement, upgrade, maintain or support, Systematix is called upon over and over to give guidance, run a team or simply do the work to support HRMS modernization initiatives within the Federal Government. Benefits to our clients and consultants include:
  • A mature and proven PeopleSoft Practice with a dedicated executive and staff to cultivate and evolve our capabilities in lock-step with client needs as the product set advances
  • Decided bench strength with a strong cadre of premier HR consultants across all sub-disciplines means we are the go-to firm for top talent and leading opportunities
  • Inherent best practices and unmatched tacit knowledge
  • Years of work with most every GC HR system – from Cluster groups to departments and agencies
  • Return engagements for version after version
  • Regular infusion of outside corporate experience
  • Leading expertise trusted for new implementations and functionality such as GC Pay interface and ePay Card
  • Such capability and experience means Systematix delivers some of the most trusted advice and sought after HRMS services.