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Business Optimization
Serving the Business of Government

Delivering results calls for laser focus on seizing every opportunity to refine and evolve business processes while leveraging integrated systems to do so. Systematix understands that to make IM/IT less of a dark art and more of an organizational lever, you need more than technology. You need good people and good advice.
We have the capacity to assemble balanced teams of technology and business experts to provide the necessary acumen to develop and implement optimal solutions. Our teams have a core competence in managing the connections between executive, functional and operational teams to deliver improvements to government-wide and back-office functions.

Transform, Standardize and Re-Engineer

Through our many engagements we have developed deep knowledge of departmental operations. This means that have the expertise to enhance business processes, improve data quality and provide better management information to facilitate the achievement of departmental goals.

Our Business Transformation Architects are trusted advisors with deep cross-discipline experience—especially in ERP HR and Financial systems—who provide sage council and sound advice for transformation initiatives, business case development, ROI analysis and feasibility studies.

Schooled in GC’s Information Management (IM) Vision and Policy, we provide IM services for solutions such as Electronic Records and Document Management Systems (ERDMS) to help the government efficiently capture, use and preserve information assets to yield the maximum value to Canadians.

We are helping the governement to discover ways to improve for better organizational agility by leveraging leading IT Organizational Development standard approaches for management such as IT Community Generics.

By using Business Process Mapping Notation (BPMN), we are assisting departments in mapping and modeling business processes and information flows to seize opportunities to evolve processes and services for greater efficiencies and improved service delivery.