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You are innovative in your work, proactive in your advice and demonstrate enthusiasm for your assignments? At Systematix, we don’t see consulting as moving from project to project, contract to contract. More than a job, consulting is our life’s work.

Our consultants thrive on tacking challenges, solving problems and seizing business opportunities. We take great care to cultivate deep and lasting relationships built on the premise that continued success for all is the end game.

Consequently, we understand the vital importance of matching clients and consultants effectively together. And having done so since 1975 says we’re pretty good at it.
Platform Analyst

Platform Analyst to provide the B2B Integration team supporting initiatives using IBM SBI product, provide Web Service, BPML/BPEL and documenting technical artifacts that are involved with creation of an enterprise B2B capability, expanding and refining message processing performance in order to meet forecasted message volume increase.

Contract Length: ~3 years
Start Date: ASAP
Location: Ottawa, ON


5 years - Developing and Implementing B2B Solutions
3 years - Developing B2B Solutions using XML, JAVA or SOAP, BPML, and BPEL
3 years - Working with MQ messaging, BD2, and Data Modelling

  • Meet with Business clients and technical stakeholders to analyze and document detailed B2B requirements;
  • Analyze and document in details interfaces, existing or legacy system processes, components, and supporting systems to determine their functions within B2B capability;
  • Design data structures and files, sub-systems and modules, programs, batch, on line message processing, and production monitoring procedures, testing strategy and systems;
  • Develop Custom Service Adapters for IBM Sterling Integrator product using the MESA tool;
  • Develop and implement a B2B processes using Graphical Process Modeler (GPM) and Business Process Modeling Language (BPML) or Business Process Execution Language (BPEL);
  • Develop Web Service using Jersey and Apache development applications;
  • Develop Business Processes by integrating with Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP);
  • Perform Performance Analysis, troubleshooting, and tuning of IBM Sterling Business Integrator (SBI) product and Data Maps;
  • Manage Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) processing and exchange of routine business data between trading partners in standard data formats;
  • Use the SBI Map editor to map the Inbound and Outbound sides of a business process and processes Inbound and Outbound business information;
  • Perform displaying the data flows and simplifying data flow  processes;
  • Develop and implement:
    • adaptor service configurations;
    • data transformation;
    • data content parsing and extraction; and
    • data routing
  • Perform SBI product customization to meet requirements such as facilitating, capturing and sharing of information exchanged with PGA’s and Trading Partners;
  • Use supported industry standards, prebuilt processes and services (for example: EDI, EDIINT, etc.) to implement SBI data mapping and map conversion;
  • Create Map Source and Destination Schemas;
  • Design and develop Data Maps using Sterling B2B Integrator (SBI);
  • Administer Data Maps using Sterling B2B Integrator (SBI) and view Maps results;
  • Develop System Use Case document;
  • Develop Testing Framework using JUnit, and customized tool using Apache ANT scripting, JAVA and IBM Sterling Business Integrator (SBI) APIs;
  • Test Web Service application by using service-oriented architecture SOAPUI tool;
  • Develop Test Plan, Test data, and Test result documents;
  • Define the process of a B2B Centre of Excellence (COE) for translating corporate strategy and business requirements into an application environment;
  • Produce best practices and standards for business process development and mapping;
  • Provide status and tracking of business transactions with trading partners;
  • Identify lessons learned from IBM-SBI implementation to date;
  • Provide briefings to peers and Executive Management on large scale IT projects
  • Create briefing notes to Manager and Executive Management on issues related to technical requirements and challenges.

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