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Project Management

The evolution of every organization is translated by a series of transformations related to the development of new product services or the enhancement of existing ones. When a transformation requires the mobilization of a team and the commitment of considerable effort, the work scope must be planned, in order to make sure it will converge towards the organization’s business needs, the team must be coordinated, the clients’ projects must be considered and those who are at the source of the business need must be informed of the work progress. In other words, the project must be managed.

Therefore, the majority of companies now call on the services of experienced project managers. Systematix has been providing project management services since its creation in 1975.

Over the years, we have been involved in hundreds of projects. We have acquired the necessary expertise to manage all types of major projects. We can also provide walk-through and coaching services to help an organization develop its own internal project management abilities.

Our high caliber team of project managers is very experienced. We refer to the best practices in our field and refer to our own past experience in order to successfully lead our projects.

Although project management may seem trivial for a service company such as Systematix, we think it is relevant to introduce our perspective of this responsibility and, above all, explain the way Systematix supports the development of its consultants’ skills in that area so as to maintain the highest level of quality possible.

Systematix has created a project management focus group that holds regular meetings in order to share the diverse types of experiences and build real intellectual capital in this field.

At these meetings, the project managers and the Systematix PCO go through the best practices of the different sides of project management and discuss their respective experiences. In doing so, they develop two major aspects of project management, know-how and people skills, and they can provide our clients with:


The toolkit
Our intellectual capital, enhanced by all our achievements, is available to all our consultants and thus to all our clients. Among other things it contains:

  • An effort estimation tool
  • Templates of all types
    • standard plans
    • standard risk and generic mitigation plans
    • standard progress reports
    • standard dashboards

Many other templates are available for relevant deliverables.

Our project managers are experienced at properly managing your projects. They also have all the skills needed to successfully set up efficient project management offices and to coach your own project managers.

We have used this coaching approach in our firm, and it has proven successful. We provide on going support to our project managers so you are assured of the highest possible level of success.

When you hire Systematix to manage your project you hire the entire team to back you up.

Our goal is to deliver projects that respect quality, budgets and schedules in order to guarantee your complete satisfaction! It is our trademark.

Project Management