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Our offering

Delivery expertise 

Long known for its technological expertise, Systematix has built a strong capability to deliver with its high value added consulting services. With the majority of our consultants having 20+ years of experience, Systematix attracts the best, some from the largest consulting firms, so they can apply their knowledge and expertise in our stimulating environment.
Efficient organization
Our organization is structured into practices, aligned with our delivery expertise allowing us to maximize on our strengths and present robust capabilities to the market. Our practices generate a uniform and productive offering to our clients based upon our expertise. Information of the full range of services we provide appears below. 
Experience by Industry Sector
Investing primarily in areas where we have a significant amount of experience provides us with business dimension to our technical expertise. An experienced industry leader keeps a constant, vigilant watch over the sector so it can advise clients wisely. Such a leader also builds profitable alliances with universities, commercial solution vendors, software publishers and other strategic business partners.

Services offered by Systematix