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Contact at the Curateur public

Contact at the Curateur public

Systematix is proud to announce that it has been selected by the Curateur public du Québec (CPQ) to ensure the evolution of its mission system. This contract, valued at $ 12 million over 3 years, began in January 2017. As the CPQ is already one of our important clients, we are proud to have earned their trust and to be their IT service provider again in application development.

A team of 15 to 25 consultants, mainly composed of IT architects, senior analysts, functional analysts and developers, will be involved in this project which will include Oracle development for backend and Java for online applications and Web services.

The Curateur public's operational system is a complex system, directly linked to their mission:

"The Curateur public is responsible for protecting incapacitated individuals. It educates the public about the protection needs associated with incapacity, and supports families and close friends who are representing incapacitated individuals, administering the property of an incapacitated person or a minor, or serving as members of a tutorship council. The Curateur public ensures that decisions are made in the interests of represented individuals, with a view to protecting their rights and safeguarding their autonomy. Last, it also acts in the capacity of curator or tutor."

We are pleased to maintain our contribution to the evolution of the CPQ’s IT system and our commitment to maintaining the highest quality level.

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