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You are innovative in your work, proactive in your advice and demonstrate enthusiasm for your assignments? At Systematix, we don’t see consulting as moving from project to project, contract to contract. More than a job, consulting is our life’s work.

Our consultants thrive on tacking challenges, solving problems and seizing business opportunities. We take great care to cultivate deep and lasting relationships built on the premise that continued success for all is the end game.

Consequently, we understand the vital importance of matching clients and consultants effectively together. And having done so since 1975 says we’re pretty good at it.
Telecom Specialist

            Systematix is looking for a Telecom Specialist. The ideal candidate possesses the following skillset and experience:
  • Specialties: Profile Access (LAN/WAN/Wifi/Cell)
  • LAN/WAN platforms for enterprise/industrial and service provider scale (ASR1K, ME3600,3850/3650,IE3000/4000,CGR2010, 2960+, etc.)
  • Adding private APN
  • Building interconnexions with Cell Providers,
  • Routing protocols (BGP, IS-IS, EIGRP, etc.)
  • Switching technologies and related Security (Spanning-Tree, LAN Security – DHCP Snooping, Arp Inspection, Broadcast, Multicast, etc.) in addition to PoE/PoE+
  • QOS (Marking, Queuing, Shaping, Policing, etc.)
  • Significant experience with wireless technologies especially in the integration of cellular solution is required.
  • In-depth expertise of 2 or 3 technical area including complex detail design and solution integration PLUS 5-10 years of experience
  • Review Solution Architecture provided and translate it to BluePrint
  • Establish Test plans and Tests results for new defined solution
  • Conduct lab testing and log results
  • TBased on BluePrint and test results in the lab, create Detailed design
  • Create Telecom integration documentation (including Buildbooks, etc.)
  • Ensure that solution designed meet all business requirements
  • Establish deployment Strategy
  • Guide other Telecom Integrator(s) through designed solution and address any potential issues with them.
  • Coordinate installation with technicians inf the field, and with business owner for maintenance window
  • For support issues during project migration or deployment, determine appropriate resolution/solution through root cause analysis and impact analysis
  • Transition to Core to Operation (update of documentation, systems, training, presentation, etc.)
  • For telecom Day To Day request, assist A&Q (Assessment and Qualification Team) to provide labour and material estimates
  • Preliminary site Visit and field sites inspection may be required
If you are interested in consulting opportunities, Systematix could also offer you a permanent position. Contact us!
 * Only selected candidates will be contacted. Thanks for your interest!

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