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You are innovative in your work, proactive in your advice and demonstrate enthusiasm for your assignments? At Systematix, we don’t see consulting as moving from project to project, contract to contract. More than a job, consulting is our life’s work.

Our consultants thrive on tacking challenges, solving problems and seizing business opportunities. We take great care to cultivate deep and lasting relationships built on the premise that continued success for all is the end game.

Consequently, we understand the vital importance of matching clients and consultants effectively together. And having done so since 1975 says we’re pretty good at it.
Informatica EDC/IDQ Specialist
            Systematix (Montreal) is looking for an Informatica EDC/IDQ Specialist. The ideal candidate possesses the following skillset and experience:
  • Valid and open Canadian work permit or Canadian residents only.
  • Experience in lean end-to-end process between Axon and EDC and vice versa and in determining what should be done with which tool.
  • EDC security vs. resources: Best practices in how to divide resources scanned and manage security
  • EDC customization of search results, to bring more relevant results to the top
  • Capability to define user personas to get a more targeted access to the catalog content if someone is interested to access some specific data set types and for some limited data repository only, we don’t want to pollute his search with everything (but he can still extend his search to the more larger content if needed)
  • Security:
    • Axon: How to protect data lineage information from generic users access (non data steward or IT)
    • Axon: How to protect personal data in the people facet (avoid download of all CN Axon users info)
    • IDQ: How to protect access to records when profiling from generic business users
  • Axon Marketplace implementation
  • Axon Service Now integration
  • Axon – IDQ best practices integration
  • Axon: Use of data domains and entities for our Business Glossary (to integrate all BIM into Axon)
  • Axon: Collaboration workflows implementation
  • Axon Customizations for:
    • Data lifecycle documentation and data security classification approval
    • Policies approval and versioning
    • Documentation of data source of truth
  • IDQ: Exception management data stewardship capabilities and collaboration
  • Enforce consistent security between Axon and EDC (the tools are not in synch)
  • Provide the ability to inherit objects security classifications in Axon so if a security classification is assigned to a term, then all terms related to the parent term should inherit the same security classification)
  • Data Quality Rules Catalog: Include in advisory mandate. Analysis of data quality rules and data cleansing tools (Microsoft, Informatica). How do they complement / integrate.
  • We need Informatica expertise support to:
    • Apply best practices around data cataloguing and data governance capabilities
    • Determine the best way to define and assign this required metadata to our data sets
    • Find ways to automate the metadata assignment to our data sets
    • Find ways to add Sql*querries (done with SQL or Toad), comment, rank, rate and assign them to data sets (table or view per example) to enrich data sets
    • Lessons learned from other customers that have implemented EDC and Axon to help us determine the best way to configure, customize and use the tool
      • What to do
      • What to avoid to do
      • How to tackle our metadata requirements to optimize our data analyst role and to support our different needs briefly described above
      • How to get a lean end-to-end and continuous data catalog feed process and ensure constant stakeholder collaboration moving forward (A data catalog is not only an initial load from the scan data repository capability)
    • Help us to find a migration path to avoid to redo metadata manual entry once we convert one data repository (with their data sets) into a new data repository (with the same data sets); per example from Netezza to Microsoft SQL synapse or to Snowflake.
  • We are looking for true experienced candidates with many successful implementations in different organizations.
If you are interested in consulting opportunities, Systematix could also offer you a permanent position. Contact us!
* Only selected candidates will be contacted. Thanks for your interest!

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